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Progress and Cheap Clothes

Reading this and watching the progress (or lack thereof) of my projects, you may deduce that I am a bit all over the place, which would be pretty accurate I suppose.

I haven’t worked on my cardigan in a few days. I did order extra yarn for it. I’m going to make it shorter in length and leave the ‘lacy’ bits off the arms to use less thread and because I think it will look better on me that way.

This isn’t really related to crocheting, but is cool – we went to The Consignment Shop today, and they were having a huuuuuge sale. 90% off lots of things… I got four shirts, all like new, all NICE name brands, for a total of ….. dun dun duh dun! $1.80. Seriously. 45 cent per shirt. They all fit too! WIN!

I also ordered some white Caron yarn (the super soft feeling kind) to make a baby dress out of. I have this super cute ribbon I want to use with it. I’m going to reference some other patterns but maybe just kind of… make the dress pattern up? I may even sew part of it instead of crochet. Still time to figure that out! I don’t need it until March or April.

I’m working on two other baby gifts right now – the T-strap shoes (I have one done – I’ll post a pic), and a onesie with the same yarn, both to match a headband I did about a month ago. Here’s the shoe! I’ll have to find the headband and post a pic of the full set when I finish the other shoe and the onesie!








Here is my progress on my cardigan as well. I’m not in a huge hurry about it… I figure it’ll be good to wear in Spring/Summer (as well as Fall/Winter around here! This weather this ‘winter’ is nuts! Hot, cold, hot, cold…)








Also, upcoming posts: I still have to do one about rounds! After I do that, I’m going to post one showing some uses of the little round ‘flowers’, including bracelets and some baby clothing (hat, shoes).

I like making baby things because they don’t take as much time, use as much yarn (in other words – I have the patience to do them without losing interest!), they make great gifts, and they’re so gosh darn adorable!!!

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