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Crafty Moods

I craft in moods. I haven’t been in a crochet mood much lately, but I also haven’t had much crafty time.

When I have, I’ve been:

  • Making personalized collages from magazine clippings
  • Sewing and filling bean bags for my little kids’ class at church

  • Making Irish-themed jewelry for my sister to sell to help her raise money to do an exchange trip to Ireland.

I’ve been spending most of the rest of my time doing Physics homework! Ahh!

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Sewing Projects

I’ll preface this by saying I am NOT great friends with my sewing machine. We can manage small projects together, but, for example, I’ve been working on an apron my sister off and on (mostly off!) for two years now. I’m finally in the final stages, and I have to sew around some curves. I made such a mess of it that I’ll probably have to do it over! Ahhh!

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. That’s just my example! I went to a music conference for kids’ music leaders with a woman from my church named Melanie and her granddaughter and daughter-in-law over the weekend. We got talking about clothes Melanie had made for the baby, and she mentioned a pillowcase dress. I was like, “I could make that!” So I picked up some fabric Sunday (to match some ribbon I already have – it doesn’t match as well as I hoped but it’ll do!) and a pattern yesterday, and I’m going to do it!

Also at the conference I saw some materials about games to do with kids with bean bags. I thought, “I don’t have any bean bags, but I could make some for cheaper than I could buy them!” So I also got fabric to make some beanbags.

When I was looking in the cheap scrap fabric to make beanbags, I saw some tulle scraps in the same bin, and I said, “That looks like enough to make a newborn tutu!” So I got that too. I’ve been looking up how to make tutus, and I don’t like the idea of elastic. I’m going to make it on ribbon, kind of like the bustle on my Daisy dress (which makes no sense probably to anyone but me and maybe three other people, sorry… I guess just making notes for me!), so that it can be tied at different lengths and tulle added even so it fits her longer!

And I took some pictures of all of this stuff! The pattern I have is for a reversible dress – I’m going to do one side white and one side yellow. The white has a very light flower print (in a slightly different shade of white), and the yellow is bright and solid. The yellow print you’ll see below is for beanbags.

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