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Newest Project

This only took a couple of days, maybe three or four hours total, working while watching TV.

It’s a scarf of joined flowers that I made for my cohort adviser as part of a gift from our cohort before our graduation.

I’m now officially done with my master’s degree! I’m thrilled about that!

I didn’t like this flower, so I made it be a hat for my cat.


Tons of different flowers!


I didn’t think to get a picture of the final product all stretched out. Here it is after I tied it up with a bow! All of the flowers are just crocheted in the round.


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Green Lantern


I figured out my own pattern for a green lantern symbol…

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Kitchen Things

I made an owl magnet and a pot holder for a friend (my sister’s best friend since grade school). We also gave the chicks we made to her little girls, and they (I’ve heard) loved them! There’s a cute picture of her youngest daughter with one of the chicks that I’ll share if I get her permission first. She and her husband have the most adorable little girls ever!



Since then I’ve finished an apple hot pad, the kind you put a CD inside.


Apple Hot Pad



I made an owl applique today using this pattern:

I did the eyes and nose different…

I think I need to buy some eyes and some felt.

For Yoda’s eyes the other day, I used hematite beads I had in my jewelry stuff, but when I need bigger eyes, I have to crochet them.

I gave my sister the little owl applique. It wasn’t great! I might try again later.

I want to find a good snail applique and a turtle applique… I think they’d be cute on baby things.



I gave the little applique owl to my sister! She likes it. She loves owls.


Then I made a little music note, like in this pattern:

Only I changed the end a little…

Here’s now mine looks:

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