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Remote caddy for Gazelle

It’s annoying trying to watch TV while I exercise. I’m either stuck with whatever is on, including commercials, or I have to get off to change the channel…
Fixed it!

Chain the width of the remotes you want to put in the caddy.
R1 Sc in second chain from hook.. Sc to end. Turn
R2 Ch 3, dc in second chain from hook.. Dc to end. Turn
R3 ch 4, tc in second.. Tc to end.. Turn
R4 same as row 2 (dc)
R5 same as row 3 (tc)
R6 same as 2 and 4 (dc)
R7 same as 1 (sc)

After r7, do not fasten off.
Ch 1.5 times width of piece.
Fasten chain to opposite corner with ss.
Ss back to beginning of chain.
Fasten off.

Make the other piece just like the first… Repeat through row 7.
Do not fasten off.
Place two pieces together with right sides facing inward.
Line them up and ss around edges to join pieces.
Fasten off.


Turn right side out.


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I made an owl applique today using this pattern:

I did the eyes and nose different…

I think I need to buy some eyes and some felt.

For Yoda’s eyes the other day, I used hematite beads I had in my jewelry stuff, but when I need bigger eyes, I have to crochet them.

I gave my sister the little owl applique. It wasn’t great! I might try again later.

I want to find a good snail applique and a turtle applique… I think they’d be cute on baby things.



I gave the little applique owl to my sister! She likes it. She loves owls.


Then I made a little music note, like in this pattern:

Only I changed the end a little…

Here’s now mine looks:

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Baby Things: Bib and Socks

I made two more baby items today: a bib, which was mostly just on my own, as below:

Bib front:

With I-hook, chain 32. SC in second from hook, SC across, chain one, turn… continue rows of SC for three or four inches. Then do one row of HDC follow by one row of DC and another row of HDC. End and tie off.

Neck strap:

Chain as many as you need… I think I did about 50. As long as this is long enough, it can’t really be too long, as you can hook the button through any place on the strap.

In second chain from hook, begin row of HDC.

Ch 1, turn and follow with a row of SC. End and tie off.


Ch 2, SC 6 in first ch.

2 SC in each of 6 (12)

Join with sl st and end.

Then I folded the circle in half and used a tapestry needle to stitch it together, making it smaller and molding it into the shape of a ball of the size I needed. That’s not very explicit, I know, but I just kind of winged it… You could just use a ready-made button!

I also made these baby socks:

My next project is going to be to make a few little music notes to put on magnets and give as little “Thank you” or “Thinking of you” gifts.

My sister keeps telling me I should make an Etsy store to sell things… I keep thinking  that my crocheting method is mostly fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants… I’m not sure it’s marketable! But it’s fun, and that’s what matters. 🙂

Pics? I already packed the stuff up in an envelope! I’ll either get it back out or do another bib later and post that pic. The bib is just a plain, square bib, made for a boy, so it was pretty basic. I didn’t figure baby boys like frills much. 😉

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Amigurumi Crazy!

So, here’s my big, geeky confession… I’m the Facilitator (like an acting President, kind of) of a local Star Wars fan club.

I crocheted Yoda! I used this pattern:


Here he is! He makes me want to go “Awwww!”

I also decided to make these little chicks, which turned out not to be super little and also don’t look super great (to me), but they’re kinda cute. My favorite part is their cute little tails!


They definitely need some hair on top. I think it will make them much cuter! My sister suggested it. She’s a good craftiness consultant.

Here’s that pattern (mine aren’t as cute!):

Then I made some baby toy loops for a friend. They are sort of like these, but not quite the same.


Here are mine:


They have jingle bells inside!

In other news, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics on Saturday! Now I have two months free before starting my Master of Arts in Teaching program. I see crocheting in my future. 😉

Future goals: More Star Wars characters, a graduation gift for my sister (who just finished her MAT, the degree I’m about to start), something game-y for my husband for his birthday, maybe some baby booties to keep around for whenever I need some (just plain white ones probably).

RE: Baby booties — My great grandmother did that, kept a supply of booties for whenever a new great grandbaby or great-great grandbaby was born. She’d mail them all around the country when another baby joined the family. I have a bag of her booties that I’m saving for when my sister and I have children. Hers are adorable too… I don’t think she had patterns for them. I saw her making them and blankets and doilies, etc. I don’t recall her using patterns often. She was in her early 90s. I think she’d been crocheting so long she just knew what to do in her head. One day maybe I’ll get there!!! (90 and crocheting from my head)

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Netbook Burrito

One morning last week I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and couldn’t really go back to sleep. My mind was thinking of crocheting things! I’ve been wanting to make a sleeve to protect my new netbook, and I came up with an idea. I’m going to make a burrito kind of thing for it! I’ll have to draw it out sometime to help make more sense of what I mean, but it’s going to be cool I think! I’m making it out of bamboo silk yarn because I have some, and I want to do something with it! It’s going to be all soft and lovely. 🙂









This is just the bottom of it, and I haven’t done much more than that yet since I’ve been busy with my first week of school and SICK with bronchitis :(…

I started it out like a baby shoe, oval shaped. Now I’m working on the sides until it’s tall enough to cover the entire netbook. Then I’m going to make a long horizontal part that will fold over and wrap around with a flap at the top to button it all up. I realize that probably doesn’t make tons of sense. I’ll draw it out when I have time and upload a drawing. 🙂


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Crappy Crochet Experience – Number 1

No, this is NOT my first frustrating experience crocheting. It is nearly ALWAYS a challenge to me, and I enjoy the brain exercise, but sometimes it drives me crazy.

Here is an example:

Mary Janes for Babies

I started crocheting with this pattern four or five times at least. Each time, they were big enough to fit a two year old, no matter how small a needle I used. She recommends an F, an H for a 3-6 month old, F or G for newborn.

So finally I tried a D! Still too big! UGH!

I tried making a new pattern using this one as a basis, but mine ended up being too SMALL!

So I thought maybe she meant single crochet instead of half double. So I did them in single crochet. STILL too big.

Finally I just decided to find a new pattern. Even if I could make my own or get this one to work, I’m so tired of it now I could scream and break something, so the trip away from my crocheting to find a new pattern will probably be beneficial!

Maybe Carolyn Christmas is a person of significant size and all of her children were little giants with 6″ feet at birth! Who knows?!


Now I’m going to try this one:

T-strap Bootie

We’ll see if Yvonne Healy knows how big newborn feet are, and if these turn out big enough for my Granddaddy, I’m never going to again!

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Current Project: Cardigan for ME :)

My mom gave me some VERY soft Patons Silk Bamboo yarn for Christmas.

I looked on their website (you have to sign up to see patterns, but they have some nice ones) and found a pattern for a pretty cardigan I’m making for myself with some of the new yarn. I’m making it in a deep purple color (85310). I also have a nice sage green (85326). I haven’t figured out what to do with it besides the cardigan so far!

I don’t think I’m going to do buttons all the way down, just one or two at the bust.

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Angel Ornament

Angle Ornament

(I used a size E crochet needle for this pattern and 4-ply worsted weight acryllic yarn. Gauge isn’t terribly important.)

Wings – Make 2

Ch 2

R1 – sc 2 into 2nd chain from hook, turn (2sc)

R2 – Ch 1, 2sc in first sc, 2 sc in ext sc, turn (4sc)

R3-6 – Ch1, 2sc in first sc, sc in each sc until last, 2sc in last sc, turn (12sc)

Fasten off.


Ch 2

R1 – sc 2 into 2nd chain from hook, turn (2sc)

R2 – Ch 1, 2sc in first sc, 2 sc in ext sc, turn (4sc)

R3-13 – Ch1, 2sc in first sc, sc in each sc until last, 2sc in last sc, turn (6sc)

R14 – Ch1, sc in each sc across, turn

R15 – Repeat R3 (28sc)

Fold edges of ‘triangle’ together and join with tapestry needle, keeping ends hidden inside, to make a ‘bell’ or ‘cone’ shape for the angel’s body.


Ch 2

R1 – sc 6 into 2nd chain from hook, join to first sc with slip stitch

R2 – *sc 2 into first sc, 1 into next (Repeat * until 6th sc) (9sc)

R3 – sc in each stitch (9sc)

R4 – skip first sc and sc in second, skip third and sc in fourth, skip fifth and sc in sixth…

Continue decreasing in this manner until the bottom of the ball (head) is very small.

‘Close’ with a slip stitch and fasten off.

Weave ends into inside with tapestry needle.

Use a tapestry needle to attach wings to body and head to top of ‘cone’ body.

If you want to use this angel as an ornament, attach a loop at the top of the head.

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Intro and Upcoming Patterns

Lately, I’m excited about crocheting. Soon I’ll start back to school and not have as much time to do it, but then it’s also a great way to spend time between classes when I have nothing else to do!

I want to use this blog to share observations, discoveries, patterns and tips about crocheting, and I always welcome input too! The way I do something may not be the way others would prefer to do it, or there might be an easier way I’d love to know about!

The first pattern I’m going to post will be a pattern for an angel ornament. I’m still learning proper crochet lingo, so bear with me!

After the angel pattern, I want to post a link to a great snowman pattern and show some modifications I made to it when I used it.

My next post after those two will be about crocheting in the round… just tips and tricks that I learned while doing and would have benefitted from knowing beforehand!

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