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I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by hookedbyme. I’d like to thank her for nominating me!

I’m not officially accepting the nomination.. I can’t find 15 blogs to nominate that haven’t already been nominated! Most of you I love to read have been, but I think that proves I have good taste. 😉

If you are nominated and accept the nomination, you are supposed to post 7 facts about yourself and then nominate 15 other bloggers.

Even if I don’t have 15, I do want to share a couple of great blogs. hookedbyme (above) of course – I love to read her blog. She shares lots of fun crochet ideas and patterns.


millie on her world

Very creative, fun blog. I love reading and seeing what she’ll do next, and I learn from her as I read!

crayons and milk

Very creative blog with some great humor thrown in.


A very talented crocheter. She can do things I only dream of one day learning to do.

A Few Things About Me:

1. I love to read, sometimes a full book a day.

2. We have a big pear tree and a blackberry patch. I love to make blackberry cobblers and pear jams/syrups in the summer.

3. I’m not super concerned about what people think about what I do, but I am very concerned with how what I do makes someone else feel.

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Kitchen Things

I made an owl magnet and a pot holder for a friend (my sister’s best friend since grade school). We also gave the chicks we made to her little girls, and they (I’ve heard) loved them! There’s a cute picture of her youngest daughter with one of the chicks that I’ll share if I get her permission first. She and her husband have the most adorable little girls ever!



Since then I’ve finished an apple hot pad, the kind you put a CD inside.


Apple Hot Pad



I decided my netbook ‘burrito’ should be a bag, the baby onesie should be a little spring jacket… I started crocheting again because my stepgrandmother is having to take chemo for a medical condition (not cancer), and because it can thin her hair, I made her a hat! Then I got into a crocheting mood and finished up a few older projects.

I want to make myself a headband. That’s about the only other thing I have on the horizon right now. I’ll post a few other pics too. I’ve made props for a play that is a group project – our final for my theatre class. I also decorated a carrot cake at Easter making it look like a little carrot patch. (My sister made the cake, and I made the icing.)

Maybe I should have called this blog createhappy… I’m not a crocheter so much as I just like to make things! Just about any things.



Credit also goes to my husband who helped me make the dragonflies on the lamp and repeatedly modeled my glittery wings and tails until I got them just right!

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Crocheting Again! and Jewelry

We went up to Atlanta yesterday to see the Phantom Menace in 3D! It was pretty cool. A friend, Chad, drove, and it gave me the chance to work on my ‘burrito’ for my netbook. I noticed that I’m going to run out of yarn before I can do the whole burrito thing, so I’m scaling it back to a regular little envelope style cozy.

I’ve been making jewelry like crazy. Mostly giving it to my sister to sell for her fundraiser to go to Ireland for foreign study in the summer… but now I’m just doing it because I like it.. trying new things. I’ve gotten fast at it – I made four bracelets and two rings in about 20 or 30 minutes while I was watching Once Upon a Time, waiting for Walking Dead to come on.

I’m so stoked WD is back on… I’ve been chomping at the bit to see what happens next!

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Crafty Moods

I craft in moods. I haven’t been in a crochet mood much lately, but I also haven’t had much crafty time.

When I have, I’ve been:

  • Making personalized collages from magazine clippings
  • Sewing and filling bean bags for my little kids’ class at church

  • Making Irish-themed jewelry for my sister to sell to help her raise money to do an exchange trip to Ireland.

I’ve been spending most of the rest of my time doing Physics homework! Ahh!

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