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Remote caddy for Gazelle

on December 11, 2012

It’s annoying trying to watch TV while I exercise. I’m either stuck with whatever is on, including commercials, or I have to get off to change the channel…
Fixed it!

Chain the width of the remotes you want to put in the caddy.
R1 Sc in second chain from hook.. Sc to end. Turn
R2 Ch 3, dc in second chain from hook.. Dc to end. Turn
R3 ch 4, tc in second.. Tc to end.. Turn
R4 same as row 2 (dc)
R5 same as row 3 (tc)
R6 same as 2 and 4 (dc)
R7 same as 1 (sc)

After r7, do not fasten off.
Ch 1.5 times width of piece.
Fasten chain to opposite corner with ss.
Ss back to beginning of chain.
Fasten off.

Make the other piece just like the first… Repeat through row 7.
Do not fasten off.
Place two pieces together with right sides facing inward.
Line them up and ss around edges to join pieces.
Fasten off.


Turn right side out.



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