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Mother’s Day and Miscellany

on May 12, 2012

This is just going to be lots of pictures. I didn’t really keep up with the patterns for the flowers… I sort of used other patterns to get an idea, but then I did my own thing so that if you used those patterns, your flower wouldn’t look anything like mine.


Jennifer (my sister) made little hand-sewn bows for the chicks I made the other day. We’re going to give them to two adorable little girls;)


These aren’t that interesting… bookmarks for my class at church to color for their moms Sunday. We can work on some phonics and word recognition in the process! šŸ™‚ Note the ribbon…. Liam (my youngest cat) LOVES ribbon… but he eats it (and string and yarn and leaves…) and makes himself sick!


So I took an old ribbon spool and made Liam a toy… he can’t get the ribbons off, so he can’t eat them! And he loves it. šŸ™‚


This is a pin for my mom for Mother’s Day.


A flower magnet for my stepdad’s mom for Mother’s Day.



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