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Crocheting for Cats

on May 10, 2012

Sometimes I make my cats little toys with scrap yarn, or in this case a scrap piece of a baby toy ring that turned out too tight to work with. I stuffed it with some bells inside and sewed it closed on the ends, added some string tassels and a long braid to hold when I jerk it around to make them chase it.

Both of our boys like it. Our older male cat is 6 and very particular about playing… he doesn’t want to let on that he really likes to play! But we caught him playing with it this morning when he thought no one was watching. The ‘baby’ is about three now, and he loves it. He bats it all around. I’ll have to video him sometime… with toys on a string like that, I can get him to do back flips.

This is Liam, the youngest cat. If you ever want Liam to do something, you tell him, “Liam, do NOT do that!”

He’s wearing a collar… he doesn’t like collars. As soon as we put it on, he wanted it off and started trying to get it off. So, I told him, “Liam, take that collar off! I do NOT want you to wear that collar! Take it off now!” He never messed with it again.

He acted like he was embarrassed if I caught him playing with his toy, kind of like the older cat Eli does, so I threw it across the room and said, “Liam.. do NOT play with that toy.” He trotted right over and picked it up. He is ROTTEN!


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