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I decided my netbook ‘burrito’ should be a bag, the baby onesie should be a little spring jacket… I started crocheting again because my stepgrandmother is having to take chemo for a medical condition (not cancer), and because it can thin her hair, I made her a hat! Then I got into a crocheting mood and finished up a few older projects.

I want to make myself a headband. That’s about the only other thing I have on the horizon right now. I’ll post a few other pics too. I’ve made props for a play that is a group project – our final for my theatre class. I also decorated a carrot cake at Easter making it look like a little carrot patch. (My sister made the cake, and I made the icing.)

Maybe I should have called this blog createhappy… I’m not a crocheter so much as I just like to make things! Just about any things.



Credit also goes to my husband who helped me make the dragonflies on the lamp and repeatedly modeled my glittery wings and tails until I got them just right!

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