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Crappy Crochet Experience – Number 1

on January 4, 2012

No, this is NOT my first frustrating experience crocheting. It is nearly ALWAYS a challenge to me, and I enjoy the brain exercise, but sometimes it drives me crazy.

Here is an example:

Mary Janes for Babies

I started crocheting with this pattern four or five times at least. Each time, they were big enough to fit a two year old, no matter how small a needle I used. She recommends an F, an H for a 3-6 month old, F or G for newborn.

So finally I tried a D! Still too big! UGH!

I tried making a new pattern using this one as a basis, but mine ended up being too SMALL!

So I thought maybe she meant single crochet instead of half double. So I did them in single crochet. STILL too big.

Finally I just decided to find a new pattern. Even if I could make my own or get this one to work, I’m so tired of it now I could scream and break something, so the trip away from my crocheting to find a new pattern will probably be beneficial!

Maybe Carolyn Christmas is a person of significant size and all of her children were little giants with 6″ feet at birth! Who knows?!


Now I’m going to try this one:

T-strap Bootie

We’ll see if Yvonne Healy knows how big newborn feet are, and if these turn out big enough for my Granddaddy, I’m never going to again!


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