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Mary Maxim – (Amigurumi) Snowman Family (Free Pattern)

on January 3, 2012

Mary Maxim – Adult Sweater Patterns – Snowman Family Free Pattern.

I used this pattern to create the larger snowman/woman, and then I created crochet accessories to try to make her (I did a woman) look more feminine.

Mary Maxim is a GREAT source for free patterns and ideas, by the way!

Here’s my snow woman:

Snow woman

What I added or did differently:

1) The scarf in the pattern is felt. My scarf is crocheted. I made a length of chain stitches the length I wanted the scarf to be and then turned and did a row of single crochet. I tied it in a knot at the side.

2) Flower at the knot on the scarf – it’s just a simple round “flower” with 12 single crochets. (I’ll talk about how to do these when I discuss crocheting in the round in a later post – SOON!)

3) Ear muffs – two chains long enough to fit around the head, glued side by side on top. Then the muff part is a round of six single crochets.

4) She still didn’t look girly enough for me, so I tied a little bow on top!

5) The mouth is stitched with a tapestry needle, but everything else I attached with hot glue. All of the other embellishments are just colored buttons!


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